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7 years ago#1
Name my Shammy - GO!
7 years ago#2
I just played with one named Resto...............he was elemental
/_(\/)_\ arioAllstar07
7 years ago#3
shamwow, ridethelightning, oprahwindfury ect...
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7 years ago#4
I'm a big fan of Shampain (DPS), Shambulance (Resto), Shamtastic, and Shampoo.
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7 years ago#5
My shaman is named Shamtastik
WoW -Kalhane- Frostmourne
7 years ago#6
I named my Elemental Shaman "Stormrise".
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7 years ago#7
Elemental Shammy - Pikachu (bonus if hes a yellow skinned orc)
Long Live Shadaloo
7 years ago#8
OprahWindfury wins this topic.

Topic closed.
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7 years ago#9
Mine is named Electrifying.
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7 years ago#10
It would be a lot more "Winny" if there wasn't already an NPC with this name in the Outland.
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