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Can't move X-Perl frames.

#1cirRcaPosted 5/30/2009 8:02:20 PM
Know why?
#2Pelican81Posted 5/30/2009 8:08:21 PM
You're bad.
#3cirRca(Topic Creator)Posted 5/30/2009 8:19:53 PM
Gee, thanks for the help mang.
#4Pelican81Posted 5/30/2009 8:22:45 PM
Usually things like that end up needing you to hit control, alt, or some other stupid key.
#5MegeasPosted 5/30/2009 8:24:52 PM
you need to click the mini map button which opens the options menu and unlocks the frames.
#6cirRca(Topic Creator)Posted 5/30/2009 8:27:23 PM
Yeah that's what i do and they still don't move...
#7sc065Posted 5/31/2009 1:02:29 AM
Do you have the menu open while you try to move them?
#8cirRca(Topic Creator)Posted 6/3/2009 9:03:19 PM
Yes I do.
#9ineedaname88Posted 6/3/2009 9:07:43 PM
it appears to me it just doesnt like you.....

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#10cirRca(Topic Creator)Posted 6/3/2009 9:10:05 PM
Is it locked or something? Really the only thing I can think of...