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Alchemy specs; Pros and Cons of each?

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6 years ago#1
Trying to decide which to choose
6 years ago#2
Potions: Well some people buy wild magics and speed potions...
Transmutes: Never procs
Elixirs: Also known as flask spec, people want these types usually.
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6 years ago#3
Elixir spec--- make a lot of money. Srsrly. Extra flask procs are FTW. Lots of extras! Do it!
Transmute spec--- get an extra epic gem once or twice a month (maybe more if you're lucky)
Pot spec--- Extra potions of speed or mana pots, great to have at least one in every raiding guild, as i'm always searching for one for potions of speed, but can never find any.
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6 years ago#4
I'm transmute... And the pro is fairly obvious. You use Transmute mastery to make high-end gems that sell for 150+G each once a day. So when it proccs, you get at LEAST 150 gold back, more if you get more than a X2. However since you can only do a gem transmute once a day, it won't happen often.
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6 years ago#5
Doesn't transmute proc off of titanium now? You get 1 titanium bar for 8 saronites, with a chance to proc more. No CD. My proc rate so far is around 4-5% on my flasks with elixir mastery.
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6 years ago#6
The market for titanium bars is probably worse than the gold you can make with flasks.
6 years ago#7
My proc rate for gems is at least 1 in every 5, and I have even gotten a 5-proc off a cardinal ruby once(was a happy druid that day). Since I don't like farming, and herb prices are high on my server, I can make a good deal of money off of cheap gems and eternals for very little effort.

TBH I think elixer mastery has killed the market on my server for flasks. Flasks are so cheap now that the mats are worth more than the flasks, unless you are elixer spec. Becasue of the large amount of elixer spec alchs flasks have gone low in value, at least on my server.

I have no idea about pots, though when I have excess herbs I make those since I make more money off of them than flasks...
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