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So the new Arena season starts tomorrow, does the new VoA boss spawn tomorrow?

#1NEWTisBACKPosted 1/26/2010 1:03:27 AM
or do they spawn it a week later? nobody I know seems to know...
#2c0sa n0straPosted 1/26/2010 1:06:43 AM
It's not starting tommorow.
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#3RebelElite791Posted 1/26/2010 1:08:03 AM
Go check mmo-champ yo, it's not tomorrow. Patch is next week.
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#4NEWTisBACK(Topic Creator)Posted 1/26/2010 1:15:39 AM
wtf why did they bump it back a week?
#5RebelElite791Posted 1/26/2010 1:16:21 AM
They didn't, I believe mmo-champ was just preemptive in saying it was this week.
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