Goblin engineer or Gnome engineer? Pros and cons of each?

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6 years ago#1
Any help would be appreciated.
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6 years ago#2
I think you just make the decision based on which recipes you find more fun to use. Neither one offers a great endgame advantage.
6 years ago#3
Goblins get +15 to Alchemy, not Engineering
6 years ago#4
goblin ingeneer is blowing up ur enemy along with urself

and gnome is the safest ingeneer as long as it work peroperly.....
and you get teleport stuff and some google and some other stuff like mind controling helm i think

nothing that help directly in combat but can make more fun specialy when it doesnt work like its suposed to
6 years ago#5
Hes talking bout the diif paths in Engineering not the races
6 years ago#6

From: Arutima | #003
Goblins get +15 to Alchemy, not Engineering

If this is a troll attempt...it's not a very good one

If this isn't a troll attempt...Goblin and Gnome are the 2 specs an engineer can choose
6 years ago#7
There is an overabundance of stupid in this thread...
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6 years ago#8
Goblin engineering is mostly extra bombs that do a little more dps but often times hurt you as well. However, I think normal grenades are the best dps.

Gnome engineering is mostly things that you don't even use. A lot of the gnomish recipes are no longer useful. They are "fun" items, like a shrink-ray, a self shrinker, etc.

The good stuff from engineering is baseline and doesn't need either specialization. You either get bombs you don't need but make a big boom, or toys you don't need but do unique things.
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6 years ago#9
One will give you a cheaper boost in NR if you're power-leveling the profression. Otherwise, pick if you want a quick port to Gadgetzan or Everlook and that'll be all the use you get out of it unless something changes in Cata.
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