How does recruit a friend work out?

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6 years ago#1
Hi, I just bought the battle chest for this game. My friend is going to do that also later today.

My questions is, can I recruit him, start his free trial, we get x3 xp, then after the 10 day free trial is up, he can just enter in the code he got with the battle chest and turn that free trial account into a full one correct?

Is the free trial just for the actual first game, or can it be used with burning crusade?
6 years ago#2
from what ive tried. the 3x xp comes only after he upgrades to standard account.
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6 years ago#3
^Correct. You have to send him the trial email, and then when he accepts and makes a trial, and then upgrades to the full version, then you get the benefits.
6 years ago#4
sweet thanks guys
6 years ago#5
Wrong, you get the leveling bonuses right from the start of the trial. Until he upgrades to a retail version however, he has a leveling restriction and communication restriction and trading restriction. The nice thing about having a retail box though instead of using an online upgrade is that it should be instant lifting of the restrictions rather than wait 2 days like you have to with the upgrade. As soon as he makes a character (w/o upgrading to retail) only you will be able to invite him to groups and he will not be able to trade, invite, whisper, join guilds, advance past either level 10 or 15 I forget, etc. You will both have the leveling bonus.

Also, don't worry about losing the free 10 day trial because he won't be charged to whatever he sets his monthly payments up to until the 10 days + first free 30 days pass. You will not get the mount or anything until he upgrades though. If you don't want to make draenei though, you should both put off upgrading to Burning Crusade right away, as you can use the 10-day trial first and get some free time.

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6 years ago#6
TLDR: Order of processes
You: Activate World of Warcarft
You: Send free trial to friend.
Friend: Accept free trial.
Friend: Activate retail copy at any time during the trial.
Friend: Pays for his first month after 40 days.
You: Get Recruit a Friend mount.
You + Friend at ~55: Both use Burning Crusade 10-Day trial.
You + Friend: Any time during the trial activate Burning Crusade.

You will get 1 month free + 10 days for BC Trial. = 40 days.
Your friend will get 10 day free trial + 1 month + 10 days. = 50 days.

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6 years ago#7
does the BC trial overwrite the 30 day's free. I mean say you level 1-60 in the first week of your free 30 days then use the BC trial, what happens?
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6 years ago#8
No, whenever you get free time it accumulates. But you might as well wait to use it until the end of your month since the trial grants you access to Outland and its useless until your ~55. I'm not certain on how the access to Outland plays out however, whether you can access it immediately after starting the trial for 10 days, or if it applies when you actually use the 10 days. Either way I'd recommend waiting to use it unless you want a draenei / blood elf.

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6 years ago#9
awesome, and the x3 xp last 90 days, or until your character reaches 60?
6 years ago#10
Both. Its 90 days no matter what. Its just each character cant receive 3x XP once they reach level 60. You can always make new characters use the 3x bonus to 60, rinse and repeat.
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