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Crash, BSOD, etc., fix please...hopefully.

#1EnixPosted 12/18/2010 6:00:11 PM
I've been trying to follow the topic of Cataclysm inspired crashes, freezes, bsod, for a while hoping to find one universal answer - or atleast proving the commonality of it all as Cataclysm. I have experienced crashes, bsods, and black screens on a repeated basis since Cata launched. Nothing has changed in my system before, during, or after Cata's launch. My comp was perfectly fine until Cata.

Windows 7 Ult 64 Bit
AMD Athlon II X4 3.2ghz
DDR3-1333mhz 4gb
nvidia geforce gts 250 1gb x2 SLI

Few things. I know SLI is not "supported" but it has always worked fine before CATA... I've also disabled it to see. I've updated video drivers and rolled back and none help the problem. Temps are fine, never above 32c on CPU or 55 on GPUs. Deleted and reinstalled WoW as well. It's a horrible problem and makes WoW pretty unejoyable. Only thing that has changed is CATA launching. I hope Blizz can provide an update to help with this problem. I know many others are experiencing the same frustration.
#2Recluse01Posted 12/19/2010 5:52:12 PM
This has to be something to do with Cata. I ran the game fine on ultra for months with zero problems with a 9800GTX card, then the game started giving me BSODs and "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" errors, it was unplayable. I got a new(better) card, and now I can run the game, but it still crashes at least once a day leading to a BSOD. Other games seem fine on the new card, but on my 9800 they would do the same thing.
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#3LinkofHyrule991Posted 12/19/2010 5:54:17 PM
My computer Blue Screens whenever I enter deepholm and in certain parts of Thousand Needles and Twilight Highlands.
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