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5 years ago#1
Just posting to see if anyone would be interested in taking advantage of the "Recruit-A-Friend" option that WoW offers. I had a WoW Account a little over a year ago and I eventually stopped playing because life got too busy. I'm looking to start up a new account and I hear with the new patch there have been major changes. I plan on becoming a paying member, so you should get your associated rewards. I don't really have a server preference. I have heard that sometimes recruiters have offered to purchase vanilla or BC keys for the people they recruit because of the rewards they receive. This would be a definite plus, but most certainly is not required. Mainly looking for some to level with, preferably Horde. In game monetary help, general guidance, etc. would also be appreciated. It's been awhile. If anyone is interested please just leave a message here and I can post contact info. Thanks guys.

5 years ago#2
TC is a known scammer from another board, but knock yourselves out
Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.
5 years ago#3
Haha, not quite. As I said, keys are not necessary. Not sure what's up with the accusation?
5 years ago#4
Last bump. Then I'll let this die.
5 years ago#5
I'd be glad to help out! Check your messages!

I'm very active, willing to spend some quality timing; and spot you gold/bags to get things going.

I also play with a bunch of friends who are also in the leveling phase, so you'll be a part of a fun community right off the bat.
5 years ago#6
Excellent. If you would like just send a "Recruit-A-Friend" email my way along with server info and character names. Email: mbein03@gmail.com. Thanks!
5 years ago#7
Sent, if you can't find it - it may have gone to spam. Hope to see you in game.
5 years ago#8
With the trial I cannot whisper anyone unless they first add me to their friends list. I created a character named Mortelus. Playing now. We can officially let this topic die. Haha.
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