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"your chat and mail privileges have been temporarily suspended..."

#1villamor123Posted 2/19/2011 6:08:30 PM
"pending game master review"


how long do these "suspensions" usually last?
#2userperson100Posted 2/19/2011 6:10:31 PM
I have never heard of chat and mail privileges being suspended in the entire time I've been playing WoW (on and off since launch). What the hell did you do?! XD
#3The_Great_GenoPosted 2/19/2011 6:13:00 PM
That happens when enough people report you for scam. Usually results in a 24 hour ban.
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#4TheRaven1406Posted 2/19/2011 6:36:31 PM
scam or spam? do you mean the button you can right click "report spam"