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Optimization? How long should this take?

#1metraloPosted 8/28/2012 11:44:32 AM
Just curious. Mine has been sitting on 0% for about 15 minutes.
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#2ShurikoPosted 8/28/2012 11:46:27 AM
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#3tarachris4everPosted 8/28/2012 11:46:50 AM
1% for 20 min. Sux!
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#4KrozardPosted 8/28/2012 11:49:37 AM
Mine say for...I'd have to say around 30 minutes before getting to 1%. Then I went to get a glass of water, came back, and it was done Optimizing, and was downloading 400-something megabytes of patch.
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#5SerpentorRulesPosted 8/28/2012 11:50:29 AM
Yeah it sits on 0% like forever then it suddenly zooms to 100% just don't shut it down.
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#6neonoreosPosted 8/28/2012 11:50:57 AM
mine stayed at 0% for like 20min.. i closed it turned i back on and it said all done..
#7metralo(Topic Creator)Posted 8/28/2012 11:51:54 AM
Ah, sweet.

I've still got 6 gigs of patch after this, I don't believe I ran the background downloader at all. So, I don't expect to be playing until next week (my net is really, really slow). Just wanted to know that it's working.
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#8NtheRiddlePosted 8/28/2012 11:54:07 AM
.....umm .....yeah
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