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Your Mains Changed Over The Years?

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User Info: SolidGold

4 years ago#1
So with Mists out and the introduction of the Monk class and the Death Knight before it. Have you changed mains over the years?

For me my first proper main was a Protection Warrior. Now it's an Affliction Warlock.

User Info: Theshamen

4 years ago#2
vanilla- Enahnce Shaman

BC-Prot Paladin

WOTLK- Resto Shaman/ Prot Paladin

Cata -Hunter/DK

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User Info: frozen_flames

4 years ago#3
also changed from prot warrior, but to demo lock
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User Info: ryouma17

4 years ago#4
dwarf hunter first class i got to max lvl with was 80,

then i got bored of him and made a human warlock, mained her for most of WOTLK.

near the end of WOTLK i made a gnome mage but i couldnt go a day without random guys flirting with me and asking me out so i race changed to human, it was my main all throughout cata and its going to be my main for MOP
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User Info: mistrfantasy

4 years ago#5
i've been a warlock since bc. I've gotten other toons to max lvl, but my warlock has always been my main

User Info: J_walker6

4 years ago#6
I have been a priest from the first day WoW came out.

Vanilla - Dwarf Holy Priest

BC - Dwarf Shadow Priest

WotLK - Dwarf Holy priest

Cataclysm - Blood Elf Holy Priest

Cataclysm 4.3 - Blood Elf Discipline Priest

MoP - Gnome Discipline Priest.

User Info: darkjeremie

4 years ago#7
Started as a forsaken warlock shortly before BC showed up and I kept going for a while until I started a human retribution paladin which I have kept as my main even when updates weren't too kind to it.
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User Info: SlyClone2k

4 years ago#8
Vanilla - Mage & Enh Shaman for pvp
TBC - Enh shaman
Wrath - Resto shaman > rogue
Cata - Rogue / Resto druid
Panda - Rogue
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User Info: FFrulesAll

4 years ago#9
vanilla - undead mage
bc - orc warrior/undead priest
wotlk - tauren druid/orc warrior/ human priest
cata- human rogue/ undead rogue/ blood elf paladin
mop- undead rogue
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User Info: rapacioushobo

4 years ago#10
BC - hunter
Wrath - DK/priest
Cata - Priest
Mists - Priest/Monk
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