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#11Wyrmwarrior5Posted 10/2/2012 9:24:16 PM
That_70s_show posted...
From: Coop14 | #005
I wonder what happened to xCha0s.

Cant say im upset hes gone. The stupidity he presented really blew my mind away.

He got banned, but then he came back as RetrogamerX.

And suddenly it all makes sense
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#12schmarkenheimerPosted 10/3/2012 3:41:22 AM
Wyrmwarrior5 posted...
schmarkenheimer posted...

I came in to post this. :(

Sorry Wyrm :(
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#13VeiledGenesisPosted 10/3/2012 5:21:09 AM
One word: Gandob.

That is all.
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#14Coop14Posted 10/3/2012 8:48:45 AM
Holy jesus...

It all makes sense now o.o
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#15Bloodmoon77Posted 10/3/2012 8:58:24 AM
I just miss adjl so much ;__;
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#16J_walker6(Topic Creator)Posted 10/3/2012 10:22:06 AM
All those silly people talking about Karazhan and what they thought should be put in in WotLK :).
#17PirwzwhomperPosted 10/3/2012 12:34:10 PM
After seeing some dude post repeatedly that he couldn't do the quest to get the Succubus, I see now why Blizz dumbed down everything.
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