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Blood DKs

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3 years ago#21
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
ShadowlessOne posted...
Anybody else not really enjoying Blood Dk's this xpac?
Also anyone else notice aggro issues?? especially on the guardians fight. I have a fury warrior and a combat rogue bursting for 100k+ dps and I'm finding it extreme work to keep aggro.

Maybe you should stop stacking Mastery like it's 4.3 still.

Your attacks are most likely not hitting.

Man. I love mastery stacking.
3 years ago#22
From: Right_Chus_1 | #009
Its a bad thing because when you are given the choice of having high dps and no survivability or high dps and being immortal its really a no brainer. DPS are supposed to fit into a niche, which is to do the groups damage. That niche isnt there anymore.

Im not saying its a good thing or a bad thing, its just how it is. I just dont know how anyone can play a pure dps class anymore though in small group play when a tank brings everything they do to the table AND cant be killed. Makes the choice of playing dps a silly one.

Well, what're you referring to exactly... five-mans and heroics, PVP, or raids? I can only assume you're referring to the fact that tanks are doing a lot of damage, given how Vengeance scales right now, and if that's the case, theoretically only one person should be taking the damage that's causing them to do so much damage. Unless people are referring to something else?
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