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My solo alt guild is almost level 11.

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4 years ago#1

You'd think I'd be proud but it's the exact opposite. It's really a damn shame what happened to the community since guilds were given levels. So many awesome features get ruined by our scumbag community. I've been in about four-five guilds since Cataclysm began and two of them got sold for six figures (with us still in them) since they were 25 and the others were obvious Cash Flow mules for the GMs. Only one of them was legit but since it wasn't level capped already the members left for zerguild 25s for the perks and the leader gave up. So I just linger in my solo guild since it's more or less the same as being guildless except I don't get spammed by scumbag GMs auto inviting me literally every few seconds.

It's like our community ruins everything it touches, I bet the devs hate us with a passion.
4 years ago#2
The devs hate you because nomatter what you give people they will always find ways to exploit it? Interesting.
4 years ago#3
Right_Chus_1 posted...
The devs hate you because nomatter what you give people they will always find ways to exploit it? Interesting.

Basically. I mean they pretty much have to treat us like children because if we get an inch, we'll take a mile while griefing everyone along the way.

I mean the Forsaken being able to speak Common was taken away because it was used to grief, an gear exploit was in beta where lowbies were able to buy high level gear and it was used to grief for the entire duration of beta (literally), Battle Pets used to be able to be traded but because of people selling them for an arm and a leg it was reversed, as soon as we were given the ability to make Horde and Alliance on the same server it was used to berate your ganker, ganking in general, etc.

A town in beta had no guards and it was ganked relentlessly until guards were added, a funeral was held for a player who died and a group of people decided to raid it for the evulz, guilds were given levels and people decided to exploit that system and people for their own selfish gain, gear isn't restricted to spec so improper classes roll need on items they shouldn't take selfishly, etc.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

If we're not given restrictions, we'll just swarm over what's given like locusts. And then when you go to the official forum you have people calling the devs idiots and morons while demanding the world and that's the majority. If the devs don't hate us, they must have the patience of saints. I mean it wouldn't be the first franchise where the creator(s) actively dislike their fanbase.
4 years ago#4
(message deleted)
4 years ago#6
Wookie_Is_Back posted...

It's more venting than crying, there isn't much else to do in this game before you hit 90. Nothing worthwhile anyway. And I obviously don't have any guildies to talk to as I level. >_>
4 years ago#7
welcome to the human race, we ruin everything we get our grubby little hands on.

this is multiplied by a million when you go on the internet and most consequences are removed
4 years ago#8
so many tryboners
like tommicks
4 years ago#9
On a more positive note, I LOVE my guild name. I wanted <One Man Clan> but it was taken. After a few days I got hit with a surge of inspiration and came up with this. :)
4 years ago#10
Level 11.

Scared me since I was on auto-pilot and thought I hit 87. ;-;
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