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might play retail for 1st time since 2006, some questions

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4 years ago#1
firstly, my original account seems to be banned, so I'm guessing it got hacked over the past 6 years of inactivity. I wanted to save it for the names, but whatever.

so anyway, having not experienced this in so long, and as much has changed, I have some questions.

are there some servers that should be recommended or avoided at all costs?

I would probably want to play as Horde. and I'm a player that likes to join a guild for social aspects and the occasional back-up, but I mostly like to solo content, take my time, PvP through battlegrounds, and I'm not big into raiding.

so I was wondering if there's some servers that cater more to this than others. like, is there some servers that are less about hardcore end-game raiding 24/7, and more about laid-back play?

also, I have always played on a PvP server. but since I'd be starting from scratch and will probably be ganked to hell and back, should I consider a PvE server? I've never played on one as I thought it took away from the experience. but since I'd be so immensely behind most people, I thought it might be a consideration.

also, should I just buy it digitally?

what would you recommend to someone starting fresh?
4 years ago#2
I'd say your best bet is a high population server with a huge imbalance of horde to alliance.

So basically Area 52 or Illidan.
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4 years ago#3
If you are going to play horde i would suggest illidan US. Some people would say to avoid it but i would dissagree. Illidan is the most populated server in the US and with that definitely come some bad but also some good. Its like every other realm rolled into one. You can find pvp at any hour of the day and night as well as pve. Its like the new york city of servers. Sure, there are some rapist,pedophiles and crackheads but there is also stores open at every hour and the ability to do whatever whenever.
4 years ago#4
If you're looking for laid back, you might want to look into some of the RP servers; there are a few RP-PvP servers out there, even. Roleplaying isn't compulsory (although if you choose an RP server you should be respectful of the RP and try not to disrupt it, even if you don't join in. If you can't manage that, go with a PvE/PvP server.) RP server populations tend to be slightly older, generally more mature (although there are certainly exceptions!) and more female-heavy than PvE/PvP servers. There also tends to be a lot of interest in older content, for transmog and costume gear, so if you can't solo something you can probably find someone to run with you.

Battlegroups were merged for PvP some time ago, so it won't affect your battlegrounding. Heavy raiding tends to be less successful because not many people are interested, but you do see a lot of pugging, especially once a few nerfs go out.
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4 years ago#5
I think RP would be more of a hindrance to me, as I wouldn't always want to be loosely in character.

there are some people I know that play alliance on Stormrage, but I don't think I want to play as Alliance. something about them..

and honestly I like PvP servers, but I think starting from scratch I'll be ganked every 2 minutes.

or is it that bad?
4 years ago#6
If you're afraid of being ganked, try a server for new players, I don't know, might be better.

But ganking is just part of the experience, in my point of view. If you're being ganked you can always turn off the game and go back in a couple of hours.
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4 years ago#7
I searched "illidan", and it sounds like that server, while being a high pop server, has terrible queue times to log on.

that's one thing I forgot... are most servers notorious for having long queues?

is there a specific area of balance between high population and lower queues?
4 years ago#8
Anything over medium pop will have que times to get in when a new expansion is released for a week or two..After that there is no que times anywhere really.
4 years ago#9
i'm looking at this site:

and it looks like all the highest pop servers have the most screwed up ratios of faction.

Stormreaver looks like the best balanced server with an alright population

the ones above it have better populations, but insane ratios, like 187,458 alliance/ 35,543 horde on kel'thuzad, for example.
4 years ago#10
for example:

stormreaver looks like it'd be a good bet. thoughts?
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