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what am i doing wrong

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4 years ago#1
Have never had more than 2k gold....I'm lvl 83 still trying to save up for my lvl 70 mount skill. I guess I should lvl my although that has tailoring to make bags but Arnt those dropping in price due to new ones comming out? Netherweave bags were 25g each last checked..... still not a ton of money.would it make me money to focus on archiology? my new pc:-)
4 years ago#2
you get more gold through questing....i wouldn't bother with professions until you are at 90 and the items you craft at 600 are in demand.
4 years ago#3
Between questing and dungeon running (if you arent wasting gold on useless upgrades) you should make right around 5k between 80 and 85. I've made 12k from 85-90, just stick with it and dont spend needlessly and the AH to make a little coin on enchant mats/cloth/etc.
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4 years ago#4
If you seriously need money ditch any crafting proffs you have and take mining/herbalism/skinning and sell everything. Even low level mats can sell for a fair bit as people try and level professions.
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4 years ago#5
Right now I'm in the middle of wrath quest line. Does the gold amount pick up as I progress? Just destroyed occulus and few other quests other night..... my new pc:-)
4 years ago#6
I managed artisan flying on my pally not long after 85 and it's looking to be the same with my monk and I'm one of those "dirt poor players" 80% of the time. I'm lucky if I have 500g at any given time, I'm that bad. If I can do it, so can you.
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4 years ago#7
You're 83 and doing Wrath still?
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4 years ago#8
I had about 15,000 gold on my hunter when MOP first came out, I went and bought the Travelers tundra mammoth and reset my gold to pretty much 0. Then I just quested. Got to 90 in a week and half (I am slow). then just did dailies. Now I am at 30,000 gold.
4 years ago#9
SuddenlyNinjas posted...
You're 83 and doing Wrath still?

I just dungeoned my way to 83.......
Missed out on a ton of quests...

My playing has gone down as such...made a lok rushed to 55 made a dk abandoned lok. Pushed way to 83 through dungeons and trying to catch up through quests. my new pc:-)
4 years ago#10
You know you don't have to finish quest lines right? You can go right into Cata where you get a bajillion more XP + gold? Then at 85 go to Pandaria?
Thousands of them...
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