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Best Pandaria zone?

#21Nade DuckPosted 10/22/2012 9:53:57 AM
four winds easily. looks good and has a lot of character to it. vale isn't bad, but it suffers from being the zone that way too much time is spent doing annoying dailies in.

kun-lai is like borean tundra except less s***ty, which still makes it kind of bleh.
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#22Nade DuckPosted 10/22/2012 9:54:12 AM
also hi dream
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#23Naomi_Diamond(Topic Creator)Posted 10/22/2012 10:16:53 PM
The two zones I can level in next are both at the bottom of the poll.
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#24angrywalrus13Posted 10/22/2012 10:20:41 PM
Naomi_Diamond posted...
The two zones I can level in next are both at the bottom of the poll.

I can assure you it's not because they're bad. Even if everything is super amazing, there's still a "worst."
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#25Kanus_oq_SerunaPosted 10/22/2012 10:23:04 PM
-Quest Forest
-Valley of the farming Winds
-Corpse-Run Summit
-Cityshort Elevators
-Bread pastes
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#26Naomi_Diamond(Topic Creator)Posted 10/23/2012 3:04:15 PM
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#27Ness0123456789Posted 10/23/2012 4:33:54 PM
Valley by a mile.

Almost everything about that zone (except for the western side, that's where it kinda falls to pieces) is awesome.
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#28RXPKPosted 10/23/2012 5:05:15 PM
Veiled Star

Just because TC doesn't know all the knew zones.
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#29jupiterdreamsPosted 10/23/2012 5:48:27 PM
kunlai for questing, jade forest for looks.
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#30UtterMoonPosted 10/23/2012 5:55:50 PM(edited)
CEs_EFG posted...
lol at anyone who picks dread wastes

Yeah..I really liked the Dead Wastes finishes Chen's story..and the Klaxxi are awesome, plus I found the fishing village and sap brewery to be good as well. Now that I think about it..I wish that I picked Dead Wastes..had no problem completing it..even after hitting 90.