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What is your rarest companion pet

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3 years ago#1
according to this table

Mine is my Sprite Darter Hatchling at 16,2%
3 years ago#2
I hate you...farmed that damn thing for so long and no luck : (

Edit: Wrong one, actually the Moonkin Hatchling at 6.7%
(edited by pengalor)
3 years ago#3
Ethereal Soul-Trader 0.2%
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3 years ago#4
Grinder here, actually got it twice. It's going for 20-30k on my realm
"So, if you get a good healer, you're just like, "Hey, bro, what's your opinion on wiener?"" - vahndragonwing
3 years ago#5
Darkmoon Zeppelin at 9.3%
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Secretly the King of Bees.
3 years ago#6
Zergling, Mini Panda and Mini Diablo at 1.2%
3 years ago#7
Venus for me. Although it's not really "rare" in terms of like drop rates or anything like that.
3 years ago#8
Mines the Crimson Whelpling at 6.7% and i was surprised and happy when i finally got him.
Gamer Tag: Ultimated00m
3 years ago#9
Fetish Shaman 2,8%
3 years ago#10
Frosty at 5.7%
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