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What is your rarest companion pet

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4 years ago#61
Oh wait, that was a lie. I confused Cenarion Hatchling with Hippogryph Hatchling.

Nightsaber Cub is my rarest.
like tommicks
4 years ago#62
Lil'Deathwing at 8.6%.
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4 years ago#63
Last Soldier posted...
Legs 10%

I think that's mine too, I have to go check though cause I've forgotten what a lot of pets are called. I'm surprised Legs is that low though since it's so easy to get from the event.
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4 years ago#64
Lumpy 5.5%
4 years ago#65
Mini Tyrael @ 0.2%
4 years ago#66
Gregarious Grell, 1.7%
4 years ago#67
Murkimus the gladiator at 1.1%
Elhaym van Houten
4 years ago#68
Hehe, I buy most of my pets. Way better than farming them. Well.. if you got the cash!
4 years ago#69
Mini Thor at 2.9%
4 years ago#70
Grinder at 1.5%
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