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Mists of Pandailya. Casualclysm.

#31SimplyQuidPosted 11/8/2012 7:22:38 AM
Tloya posted...
From: SimplyQuid | #003
Well, I've heard Wrath referred to as "Shut The **** Up You Whiny Elitist Morons" and the ever popular "You're Not A Special Snowflake For Grinding 24/7 Just To Get Into An Unwieldy, Unproductive 40 Man AFK-fest So Deal With It".

I've heard TBC called "Get Over Yourselves, Content Accessability Won't Make You Any Less of a Neckbeard for Spending Over 3/4's of Your Life on this Game".

Haha, nice. I can appreciate a .jpg of that quality. Well done.