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LFR needs to be changed

#21ChrazidPosted 11/10/2012 3:14:57 PM
So, I can spend a good 45 min-1 hour doing LFR for a flask or two, and maybe some food...
Or I can do dailies, have an almost guaranteed success rate, get enough gold to buy a flask or two, and possibly pick some herbs and make my own flask that I can then sell for gold, or use...

I have a great idea. If you don't like LFR, don't do it. If you say "but I need LFR loot to get into normal raids" then make your own raids.

otisanime posted...
Why the hell would something to please only 5% of the players like this ever even be considered? Are you stupid or something?

Very, very, very, very... VERY VERY VERY VERY few people ever even step foot into a normal or higher raid. You should not cater to the minority. It makes zero sense. What you want is the game to go back to being even more off-putting than it already was prior. Which is just... stupid, and makes no logical sense.

Less than 5% even step into a normal mode raid?
Show me your source of information please. Until you offer proof I'll be forced to accept your information as baseless and false, and you as a liar for saying it.