Blizzard being sued over authenticators...

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4 years ago#101
vahndragonwing posted...
silentzed posted...
Considering my friend, who has an authenticator, got his WoW account hacked, I am not surprised. (As in visually confirmed him having to log in and out with it).

He doesn't live with anyone else so that rules that out. We're just as confused as everyone else is, especially considering that short of someone logging in from his computer (either physically or remotely) there shouldn't be anyway they can.

Either way, kind of hoping they go back to the old way of logging in (i.e. authenticator required for every login).

Oh, you mean like that setting that has been there for some time now that you can choose for it to authenticate once a week or every time?

Plus, even if you have it set to once a week, it asks for it if you try to login from anywhere but the computer you've been on. So that's not it.

Which is why I said the only way I could even think it was possible was through remote access. Either way, I didn't know about the setting to require it on every login. I will inform him and I will set it for myself that way, too =D
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4 years ago#102
If he was hacked through remote access, it was MOST DEFINITELY his fault. Like, 100%. If your computer is so mucked up that people are remotely controlling your machine, you may as well blow that sucker up and go back to writing in a notepad and avoiding the internet in general.
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