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4 years ago#1
Our guild tried HoF last week instead of doing elegon, we're going to attempt to finish MV tonight and start HoF next week if things go as planned.

Our dps was solid, and we would rotate healing cooldowns during the shell cast but the very last combination phase was absolutely brutal for us (inb4 just dodge rings, heal in bubbles).

We would get the boss between 5-15% every single attempt, is it reccommended to run two healers this fight for that very reason? Atm we're running 3 with a shaman, monk, and priest.
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4 years ago#2
Even if you two-heal it, that last phase is pretty long and you'll get a lot of incoming damage.

We three healed it - we basically rotated healer cooldowns and made sure that everyone used healthstones and personal CDs as much as possible in that last phase, and to not break MC if at all possible while he was channeling one of the two big attacks. The key is staying alive since his enrage timer (on normal at least) is exceedingly generous.
4 years ago#3
Are you dying to the enrage or just the healers run out of mana and you start losing people?
4 years ago#4
Running out of mana by the 2nd or 3rd F&V, by then it seems unhealable because we get hit by something along the lines of:

FV -> Attenuation immediately after and some melee dies or someone slips

or a healer gets MC'd during FV.

I'm beginning to think with the extra dps we would be running into less combinations or casts and getting that last bit of health downed, mana is not an issue whatsoever until about 15% or lower of the bosses health with next to 100% mana in the first 3 phases.
Flowers are really unbalance
4 years ago#5
Hmm idk, we don't seem to have any problems 2 healing it, just make sure u always have 1-2 cds for the shield phase.
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