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4 years ago#1
is there a set rotation for a dps monk? right now im lvl 86 and always at the bottom of dps chart and rarely can i break above 10k.
but when i go in with another toon the monk in the group is always pushing 15k +, and when i inspect them, 90% of gear is the same as my monk....
i dont get it
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4 years ago#2
It's probably your rotation. I'm always at the top of the charts so I'll tell you what I do, but keep in mind numbers don't mean everything and there will be a thousand people chomping at the bit, ready to tear my routine up for being the dumbest thing they've ever heard.

I'll try to keep it fairly simple.

If it's a group of three or more baddies, I'll Flying Serpent Kick my way in, start with a jab for the two chi, then use Rising Sun Kick to provide the group debuff. I'll fire off another jab, then use Rushing Jade Wind for that group debuff. Then I'll spam Spinning Crane Kick until the cows come home if it's a high-dps group, or repeat the debuff routine if it's not.

If it's a single target: Rising Sun Kick for the debuff, spam Blackout Kick, and try to keep the armor debuff (Tiger Palm) stacked at 3.

That's my basic routine. Obviously I'm not mentioning interrupts, disarms, Touch of Death, or the huge DPS boost you get from Tigereye Brew, or other situational stuff. You kinda gotta figure that out yourself. I'm also fond of using Chi Wave from time to time.
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4 years ago#3
thx for the advice imma try it out
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4 years ago#4
Oh, and the obligatory use your keyboard for practically everything.
The Garden Of Rama
Arthur C. Clarke is the one true God.
4 years ago#5
There is no rotation, but a priority list. Rama pretty much has it spot on, but I am going to list it in a different format to make things a little easier and a bit more information thrown in. Not including Jab cause that should be obvious. >.>

1. Use Rising Sun Kick on CD.
2. Keep your Tiger Strikes buff at 3 stacks at all times.
3. Use Fists of Fury when you have a moment to channel it, preferably as soon as its off CD. Do not use until the above are applied.
4. Use any mastery procs that light up, especially Tigers Palm as it is much better to keep the debuff using the proc rather than spending Chi on it.
5. Blackout Kick with any other extra Chi.

The other thing you want to do is learn how to use your CDs effectively. You want to pop your Blackout Brew the moment you get up to 10 stacks so that you can start building more stacks. You also want to use your Energizing Brew (is that what it's called? Can't remember. The one that gives you an energy boost for 6 seconds) as soon as you can no longer go from one Jab, to a Chi dump, to another Jab without any time in the middle. Another great tool is using Touch of Karma whenever you know there is going to be a lot of AoE damage from a boss, or if you know the boss does some high damage move. Its pretty much a free 300 to 400k damage for 2 Chi, which is a pretty good deal.
4 years ago#6
imma say thank you for advice and info!

i went from almost never going over 10k, to now i never do less than 20k woot!
what a big difference
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4 years ago#7
anyone who tells you you shoudl be topping the dps charts is dead wrong. dont listen to him.
4 years ago#8
i actually will. unless theres a hunter or mage in the groups, when when playing on my lvl 90. the monks are always on top or 2nd. and by tinkering with my rotation i have now seen how to do it :)
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4 years ago#9
I don't use Fists of fury in a lot of fights. Other than that this is legit information.
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4 years ago#10
Soulstrikes posted...
I don't use Fists of fury in a lot of fights. Other than that this is legit information.

hmm same here, usually don't find a nice gap to thrown it in. I don't ignore it completely but I find it pretty rare
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