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One thing you cant forgive Blizzard?

#21SulticunePosted 11/20/2012 12:13:59 AM
For taunting me with The Syndicate and Centaur factions reputation bars...

When they redid the world in Cataclysm, I noticed that they hadn't taken out those rep bars, and though that finally, I could grind them up.

But no... there they are, lingering in all of their ugliness. Mocking me. Even though they are inactive...
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#22OriginalGuidoPosted 11/20/2012 12:25:20 AM
Being Horde fanboys, all of them
#23Fatalis_RexPosted 11/20/2012 1:07:15 AM

Ran into this guy while leveling a day or two after Cata launched. Turned out he was bugged and I couldn't target him with any attacks, so I just rode around until he eventually killed me and despawned. After venting in general chat someone told me he was an awesome ultra rare mount that I'll never ever see again. I'm still pissed about it.
#24Fatalis_RexPosted 11/20/2012 1:11:56 AM
Darom Sunyata posted...
Giving tanks and healers a chance at special rewards for pugging.

Hopefully new games will remove the inexcusable ego trip of tanking and healing, though that usually involves removing the trinity altogether.

Why can't human beings simply be decent.

Before those rewards there were hour long queues for DPS and if anything that just made tanks act like bigger douches.
#25Darom SunyataPosted 11/20/2012 1:13:49 AM
daemon672 posted...
Darom Sunyata posted...
Why can't human beings simply be decent.

DPS are jerks with ego problems too. And they're the lazy ones who don't want front responsibly.

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

"I'm responsible therefore I'm better than you."
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#26undead4life321Posted 11/20/2012 2:02:22 AM
Taunting us with player housing for years and then saying they would never release it.
'OMG PANDAS! Now WoW is a kids game!'
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#27LinkofHyrule991Posted 11/20/2012 2:33:47 AM
Making Illidan a boss and then not writing any story for why we're fighting him
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#28ToadstoolPeachPosted 11/20/2012 2:47:51 AM
Patch 4.1

That is all.
#29HakPosted 11/20/2012 3:04:11 AM
LinkofHyrule991 posted...
Making Illidan a boss and then not writing any story for why we're fighting him

Basically this. The guy was actually on our side at the end of WC3:TFT, so having him being a boss for no reason at all was really stupid.
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#30ryanell666Posted 11/20/2012 8:37:46 AM
Lucavi000 posted...
From: ryanell666 | #006
LFG, and how it's ruins the community.

...yup that whole topic again.

community was ruined long before LFG.

That just made sure that it could never be put back on track ever again.

I'd rather be in a position (if I were a raid leader in Vanilla/BC) to say "Get attuned, get as much gear from Karazhan as possible, and get it all gemmed and enchanted as best as possible before coming with my guild run in SCC."

Instead of them telling me through the LFG/LFR..."Screw you! carry me through and get my loot!"

but you are right,...with all these social handicap features put in the game there is no way to put it back on track.