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Locations for all daily quests

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3 years ago#1
Anyone have a list, especially with the new patch? Also which ones are most worth doing? Thanks.
3 years ago#2
Tillers - Halfhill Market
Cloud Serpent - Jade Forest Arboretum
August Celestials - Starts in Vale
Golden Lotus - Vale
Shado-pan - Townlong Shado-pan Garrison
Anglers - Anglers Wharf, Krasarang
Dominance/Shieldwall - Either end of Krasarang
Klaxxi - Dread Wastes

Don't think I forgot any.
3 years ago#3
Golden Lotus have to be most important, as they unlock the Shado Pan and Celestial dailies. You get the GL dailies in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. All 3 faction give high level VP gear. Do those. The Klaxxi dailies are in Dread Wastes, you have to do the regular quests to unlock most dailies, as you have to find the patriarchs that give them out. They have great VP gear as well. Tillers, at Halfhill, in Valley of the Four Winds, is your farm and doesn't give VP gear, mostly vanity items. Order of the Cloud Serpent is at the Arboretum(sp?) in Jade Forest. They give a cool cloud serpent mount at exalted, but no VP gear. And you should have received a quest today automatically, called "Find the Scout" or something like that. That leads to the new daily factions in Kasa'rang Wilds. So if you like gear, choose GL, Shado Pan, Klaxxis and Celestials. Vanity items/mounts are the Cloud Serpent and Tillers. Hope that helps a bit.
3 years ago#4
Yeah, I forgot to answer that bit. :<

The Dominance Offensive / Shieldwall are also valor gear, though they have mounts at exalted too. The Anglers are also mostly cosmetic stuff as well.
3 years ago#5
Yeah I forgot about the Anglers and I didn't know the name of the new ones. Good stuff!
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