You can't hold onto a daily anymore?

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User Info: mrhighlife83

4 years ago#1
I had been holding onto the Dark Skies daily for the Klaxxi in order to work on the associated achievement. Yesterday, the quest was no longer in my log, but I thought there might have just been something patch related going on and the quest was available so I didn't think much of it. Today, the quest had been removed from my log again and it is not one of the available quests. Was this a documented change or am I just going crazy and abandoning quests without remembering it?

User Info: Greggbird33

4 years ago#2
Maybe it got reset at the reset? Same thing happened to me and my Golden Lotus ones. They were there then gone and when I went to grab the new set, they were all the same ones I had, but didn't finish, the day before.
This guy are sick.

User Info: Mike Xtreme

Mike Xtreme
4 years ago#3
I think they dropped a lot of people's quests they were holding onto. There were guild mates that had old quests like Hogger that were lost yesterday. - by Cads_4370
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  3. You can't hold onto a daily anymore?

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