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Easiest mechanics/toolset caster

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3 years ago#1
Ive finally rules out warlock because i dont want to have to portal and gateway all the time.

So it's basically down to s-priest and mage...

I will do alot of pve with it but am also looking mainly for a pvp caster.

I know mages do more dps in pvp but what im most concerned with is which has less or easier mechanics to the play style?

If i have to do much more than just cast my ability and run around then i probably wouldnt play either.

I want something fun that doesnt require extensive attention to detail and mechanics like the lock.

If im screwed either way ill just stay away from cast pvp and play a melee class.

3 years ago#2
stick to melee

this is not a joke answer
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3 years ago#3
Shadow DPS is super straight forward.

You've got healing toys ofc, but if you spec it it right, absolutely zero DPS cooldowns.
Really simple.
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3 years ago#4
Elemental Shaman is pretty simple as well. and fun
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3 years ago#5
i dont want to have to deal with totems.

can you elaborate on s-priest for me please
3 years ago#6
_Ferdi_ posted...
stick to melee

this is not a joke answer

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3 years ago#7
Shadow is the easiest caster DPS in the game at the moment. (Other than Shockadin and Atonement Priest if you count those 2 as DPS, they are even simpler)

You stick your 2 DoTs on your enemy, Mind Blast on cooldown. Devouring Plague when it lights up (the game will tell you when to use it as it lights up) And finally Mind Flay when you have no idea what to do or when everything is on cool down.

You don't have ten thousand spells Warlocks have. You don't have convoluted mana management and spell priority issues Mages face.
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