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Dog Whistle

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3 years ago#1

If you happened to get the dog whistle to drop from SM and keep it before MoP removed it you can summon a pet dog, 10 mins on 10 min CD. It used to only have 3 charges but is now unlimited. Well has been for a while The dog stays level 34 but it scales with you just like your pet and both can be used at once.

Its amazing to have on a hunter in BGs. Someone thinks its your pet only to have a cat sneak attack them and make them go wtf?
3 years ago#2
Makes me wish I'd have kept it.
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3 years ago#3
*sees that it shares cooldowns with trinkets*

yeah no
Rogue PvP in a nutshell.
3 years ago#4
pres_madagascar posted...
Makes me wish I'd have kept it.
"You're sorely underestimating the power of nostalgia goggles." - adjl
3 years ago#5
hahah great post tc, glad i kept it tho it's on my mage
3 years ago#6
How many hp does it have?
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3 years ago#7
LanceFlugerman posted...
How many hp does it have?

Scales to your level. Right now I'm 66 and it has 5800 something health, same has my current pet.

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