Do you think druids will ever get something to make bear/cat form optional?

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4 years ago#1
Tree form was made into a glyph.
Moonkin form has a glyph to make your a starry/transparent normal-form

Do you think feral/guardian will ever get something like this, so that gear can actually be seen?
4 years ago#2
They recently got a glyph to make cat/bear form random color, so possibly in another expansion or two.

How exactly would that work anyway?? A tauren just whacking things with a polearm or staff?
There'd probably be a lot of work involved, creating animations, compensating for the attack speed bonus cat form gets, etc...
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4 years ago#3
From: Krozard | #002
How exactly would that work anyway??

Think Zul'Aman.
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4 years ago#4
Maybe just make only your claws show up so it still makes sense?
think the warlock dark apoth glyph.
4 years ago#5
If you do elegon as a bear, you still have a bear pop out of your chest for some of your moves. Even though you're supposed to be in celestial human form.
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4 years ago#6
I do hope they eventually come up with some glyphs for alternate versions of that form.

Like say, a glyph for a druidic wolf form instead of a cat form. Or maybe one for replacing bear with a large lion.

While I am at it, a glyph that causes travel form to be treated as a true mount would be nice (i.e. the glyph makes it gain a short cast timer and it can't be used in combat any more, but it has now 100% speed).

I ALSO want them to at some point rework costume effects already to either allow them to be worn over combat shapeshifts, or to at least not erase the costume "buff" while in shapeshift form so that when you exit you still have the costume.
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4 years ago#7
the animations already exist -
the swing animations are the same for staff/polearm -- if you had deathbringer's will from ICC, you'd get transformed into a tauren-like thing (taunka?) and smack things with cat abilities.

catform and bearform abilities actually have small particle/graphical effects when applied (ie: mangle, rake, rip, etc.). Not all of them do, but they exist for some abilities.

AAaaaannnnd, if your attack speed is faster than a minimum threshold for your white attack animation, you still gain the "normal" amount of hits, but only animate a certain amount of times; this is most noticeable with tauren who generally have a little slower animations than nelf's or anything else.

Basically, they'd just need to make the glyph provide a buff to override your catform (as opposed to being mutually exclusive like most other shapeshifts), replacing it with your normal race.
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4 years ago#8
A spectral bear/cat with the druid "inside" so you can see the druid and be surrounded by the form.
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4 years ago#9
Tree Form was turned into a CD so that's why they added a glyph. No, Druids shouldn't get this for cat/bear. If you don't like shapeshiftng, then don't play a class that utilizes goddamn shapeshiftng. Jesus.
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4 years ago#10
My main issue is that my druid happens to be my main. Which means its the one that gets most of the cool toys and costumes. Many of which are of limited use unless I decide to go resto, because shapeshifting will erase their effects.

Its not as though its impossible to do costumes or other fun toys "properly" with them either. The "fuzzy" brew from that Brewery instance lets you be in hozen appearance while shapeshifted with no issues, and Elegon of course has the astral whatnot applied to all players too, also to no ill effect.

But even if they didn't do that, I would be happy if they simply made it so the "buff" itself didn't disappear when you shapeshifted, so that when I left that form I would still have whichever costume I may have used.
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  3. Do you think druids will ever get something to make bear/cat form optional?

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