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Has anyone tried the zerg strategy for Amber Shaper

#1BoogyyPosted 1/16/2013 8:11:17 PM
For those who don't know what I'm talking about:
It consists of a tank holding aggro and beating down on the boss during phase 1 and the other tank simply pressing 1 to stack up a debuff and nothing else, right?. All dps halt dps unless it's on the little slimes to create more puddles for the tank to live and keep his willpower up.

Around 7-8ish minutes, the boss will be down to around 70-71% and here he will cast amber-scapel for 10 seconds, and reshape life for 2.5 seconds, allowing a 12.5-13 second frame for all DPS to burn every cooldown and take him from 70-0 through the stacked up debuff.

If so, is this actually a viable way of regularly clearing Amber Shaper or is it just an interesting gimmick?
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#2BobTDonutPosted 1/16/2013 9:15:24 PM
it doesn't work anymore. Amber Shaper stops at 1 HP until the 2nd phase is over killing the strat.
#3Little ZardarPosted 1/16/2013 9:28:59 PM
why the f would you do this? it takes longer than a normal strat
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#4BobTDonutPosted 1/16/2013 10:47:19 PM
From: Little Zardar | #003
why the f would you do this? it takes longer than a normal strat

Because in heroic, it was a much safer way of killing the boss when it worked.