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for Balinda!!!!!

#1UnboundAbyssPosted 1/18/2013 11:56:41 PM
the new AV strat. is to go to Ballinda and defend her. get most people to go to Ballinda, have a rogue stealth everyone, watch their pucker as 15-ish Alliance unstleath.

backcap all tower/GYs.

been doing this for 3 games straight, it works every time.

also, loot the corpses and summon Ivus, we just did the game before this one.

Spread the word.

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#2Right_Chus_1Posted 1/19/2013 12:50:22 AM
Getting a random group of people in AV to listen and use any strategy is harder than something that is really hard.
#3UnboundAbyss(Topic Creator)Posted 1/19/2013 1:15:57 AM
i know. we got 4 groups in a row to listen though :)

maybe once the strat, is used enough it will become more popular
Why should you care if someone has what you have if looks cool to you? oh right you wanna be a special snowflake. :l - shawn10000000
#4xDallasPosted 1/19/2013 1:44:29 AM
You love AV so much you want to turn it into a resource fight?

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#5metroidfreakv4Posted 1/19/2013 2:02:07 AM
That literally has been the strategy Ive seen used since at least 4.1. The only change in strategy in a BG i have ever seen, is in IoC we used to fight at the docks, 30v30 and only 10 went WS (and originally it was inverted.) Now, It is horde rushes WS and hanger, Alliance get resources and Docks and win.

But otherwise, all other BGs have been this
WSG: Grab flag, grave run it or side run it depending on the situation
AB: Horde go farm BS mine (or if we have a lot of boomys eles and heals, LM instead of mine) ally go LM/stables and cleave to farm.
AV: in the last 4 or so years, rush, and ally stay at towers while horde do not. Balinda only really stalls horde, which is good in the rush gamemode it is now, but if you get a fairly large premade, its not gonna work, and in my battlegroup (or at least, server) that is frequent.
EotS: Ideally, horde side we go Belf/FR/ MT. It usually becomes Flag FR MT or flag FR Belf. alliance go both towers and mid unless its a premade, then it is usually Belf. (the same plan as horde, just inverted)
Twin Peaks. 2-3 stay in middle, the rest go with flag, Big ol cluster and struggle to kill fc and all. whoever wins that fight, wins really.
BoG: Horde grabs mines and takes the back route to LH. Ally do the same to mines. Stealthy/ few dps go WW to test it out before getting the rest to go there after the successful/fail enemy node grab.

I honestly rarely see anything different than that. Stormreaver US Horde perspective. Least on my BG.

Oh, and on that fun oddball like map, We just reck in the middle. love healing that
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