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How about we start a Gamefaqs guild

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3 years ago#11
RomeoMinola posted...
A Gamefaqs guild is never going to work simply because you're essentially expecting people to join a guild where you already know you're going to hate 75% of the people in it.

This is highly sig-able but I must continue my vigil in warning the masses about the grues.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
3 years ago#12

>Not using meme arrows
3 years ago#13
Well, I started up a panda monk on The Emerald Dream if anyone wants in on the idea. I'm still not decided on what faction to join.
3 years ago#14
I love the community on here, but having tried this myself, no one will pitch in. Why!? We all have mains. And don't have the same desire to do it. Also, very selfish people. Not many team players really looking to pitch in the same amount. It fell apart at level 10 (back in wrath.) also, orcworm is the other guild made here
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3 years ago#15
It would be nice to try if we just used the good posters/fun guys. Elaeus (sp?) comes to mind.
AJ McCannon's mom (in blue) :
3 years ago#16
I'll roll a dude if you get a few people, just to mess around with, ya never know. Tell me when and where..>.>
3 years ago#17
well for it to "really work" you would need EU & US server giulds.

if an Ezu giuld was made.. i would down for it.
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3 years ago#18
What server is orcworm on?
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