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How many people actually like the new loot system?

#31c0sa n0straPosted 1/23/2013 6:49:25 AM
BobTDonut posted...
From: c0sa n0stra | #019
I love it, people can call me a scrub all they want for only running LFR, but I really don't give a flying ****, I cba to do raids at organised times anymore (I tried, but I found myself wishing I was doing something else within the first hour) or joining pugs of dubious quality, and I for one LOVE that people can't need on everything the system allows just so they have a bargaining chip for when something drops that they actually want, that always enraged me to no end in DS LFR

You are not a scrub for only running LFR.

You are a scrub because you actually care about your gear when all you run is LFR.

You're right, I should act like I don't care, just like all the cool kids.