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Are you "supposed" to 2 or 3 heal Amber Shaper Unsok?

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  3. Are you "supposed" to 2 or 3 heal Amber Shaper Unsok?
2 years ago#1
My group has done it both ways, but we still have fits with it. When we 3 heal, we tend to have issues maintaining enough dps to free the construct, keep adds in check and work on the monstrosity in phase 2 when a dps gets put in the construct. When we 2 heal, if a healer gets put in the construct, especially early in phase 3, the other healer has a hard time keeping the rest of the raid up. It just feels like either way we choose, we're doing it wrong. Anyone have any constructive opinions to offer?
2 years ago#2
if your healers are terrible,3

if your healers arent, 2
2 years ago#3
if you can beat garalon with 2 healers you have the DPS to 3 heal Unsok
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2 years ago#4
Too many healers can be a bad thing on Un'Sok, if they freak out and all heal someone who has a parasite.
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2 years ago#5
Also note,

Properly positioned, the reshape life victims can block a lot of the incoming raid damage, taking some of the burden off your healers in phase 3.
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  3. Are you "supposed" to 2 or 3 heal Amber Shaper Unsok?

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