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Worst gear-based RNG you've had?

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3 years ago#1
Worst RNG you've had on main-spec gear upgrades?

Mine is my Priest, who never got his 4-set in DS.
3 years ago#2
I've rolled less than 10 on every single need roll on gear I really needed since MoP has started.
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3 years ago#3
My hunter.
In 4.1 he got the agility staff from ZG
Never saw a staff drop from raids.

4.2 comes out and releases Firelands...still no staff or polearm upgrade.
4.3 comes out with new heroics and DS...I see that Well of Eternity has an agility staff...40+ runs and it doesn't drop. (I was determined I would own this staff if it killed me)

I run DS+LFR weekly and manage to not win a polearm from it for months.

Finally, about a month and a half before 5.0.4 launches, I get the LFR polearm.
I still continue to run WoE for the staff even though it's not an upgrade. (50+ runs at this point and I still haven't even seen it)

(Then, as if to spit in my face, it drops the day 5.0.4 hits, when I can no longer use it.)
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3 years ago#4
18 garajal kills and have not seen a fist weapon or shoulders
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3 years ago#5
At the start of Burning Crusade I got the Shadow Cloak of Dalaran from Moroes in Karazhan.

That didn't get replaced until I quested in Coldarra in WotLK.
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3 years ago#6
This isn't a mainspec upgrade, but it counts as bad RNG, I think.

I was after the purple Judgment set for transmog. The chestplate has just under a 20% drop rate. I went from neutral to exalted with Lower City (the character I used was rolled in Wrath) and well into revered with Aldor (I usually did full clears and turned in the drops) before the chest dropped.
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3 years ago#7
I ran normal PoS in WotLK 50 time, at a 20 minute queue time for a healer to try to get the shield from the last boss

i saw it 3 time, all three times i lost the roll to Paladins(I'm a Shaman) who needed for offspec
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3 years ago#8
Mop in general. Cant get anything on any character.
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3 years ago#9
13 Spirit Kings kills (normal)
10 Tsulong kills (LFR)
At least 20 coins spent

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3 years ago#10
My only character that ever gets close to full BiS usually is my paladin even when I progress in another class.

In DS hc, I played rogue for progression and after the content was cleared I switched back to my paladin which I got every possible 410 and 416 from that raid on EXCEPT the healing plate wrist from Yor'sahj hc. I am still bitter to this day because of that. Sure, I had the crafted 397 from BS which is actually THE BiS due to having the extra socket, but still. I really wanted that wrist. :p
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