Have you ever felt guilty over leaving a guild?

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3 years ago#11
Oh SuperNiceDog's doing it again dude.
SuperNiceDog, you ain't no pimp dude
3 years ago#12
I didn't feel guilty at all when i left my guild, probably because the raid leaders were bone heads. Raid leader was a dual wielding blood DK who insisted on bring players who just couldn't cope with the mechanics to heroics.
"Srsly druid how hard is it to click the button during hour of twilight/fading light!? Thats the 5th time tonite ***** ** ***** ***** **** ** ******!" It was that for a month and an half ffs.
3 years ago#13
I had a guild I raided with for almost the entirety of Wrath. I did feel guilty leaving them because I had met a few of them in real life and they were good folks - I just wanted more progression.

The guilds I've been in since then, no such trouble. There was an ugly side to each of them.
3 years ago#14
I haven't left my guild but I'll sure as heck will feel extremely guilty if I leave it. I've been in this guild since 2005 or 2006 and have known some of its current members since pre-TBC.

We've had our ups and down and when the 25-man raiding team had officially "disbanded" during Wrath of the Lich King only a handful of us remained. We endured and in Cataclysmn some members came back and we proceeded to turn our guild into a 10-man raiding guild and ended up doing fairly well.

Sure enough though by the end of Cataclysmn folks were getting tire of raiding again and after a long break only a few members came back. Now there's only about seven of us that regularly play the game and I sure as heck won't be leaving them for anything. At worst I'll stop playing due to real life issues but definitely won't be leaving the guild.
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