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How do the healers currently rank up

#1ShurikoPosted 2/1/2013 4:07:32 PM
best single-target?
best aoe?
#2Right_Chus_1Posted 2/1/2013 4:22:50 PM
Wow...Bring your trolls elsewhere man.

Shuriko topic, move along.
#3TheSteelPhoenixPosted 2/1/2013 4:34:19 PM
What is wrong with this question? I know shuri is a troll most of the time, but this seems like a legitimate question. At least, one I wish I had an answer to as well.
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#4Right_Chus_1Posted 2/1/2013 4:41:07 PM
TheSteelPhoenix posted...
What is wrong with this question? I know shuri is a troll most of the time, but this seems like a legitimate question. At least, one I wish I had an answer to as well.

No it is, im just being a poopy head.
#5steveoSEKPosted 2/1/2013 5:27:05 PM
iirc aren't resto shammies currently top?
#6piplupzeroPosted 2/1/2013 5:30:38 PM
Shuriko posted...
best single-target?
best aoe?

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#7BonzoForLyfePosted 2/1/2013 6:07:25 PM
Best single target is probably paladin, they're also decent raid healers for constant damage, like garalon, or tsulong day phase. Disc priest is amazing raidwide for preventing timed incoming damage. They're also VERY efficient and have great mana regen as long as they're able to maximize their prayer of healings.
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#8metroidfreakv4Posted 2/1/2013 7:06:38 PM
I also vote Paladin being best single target. For AoE, I feel like my shaman is fantastic. Maybe I am biased, but I am always the one that people rely on for the AoE heals, and I always top the AoE fest in 25 LFR too. The only thing I feel that out does me on few fights is Monk Mistweaving. For example, Elegon. Mistweavers make Elegon extreme easy mode.I mean, the fight itself is easy. It allows us to do awesome things.

Example, we did Elegon single heals. When we spread out, I was on the other side as elemental, using my Healing CD along side my pew pew damage, healing everyone on that side of the ride more than fine. We used it on the first walls going up. By the time Phase three came around, I used that along with my second Ascendence that I was able to get, making me a healing god for those few seconds. I do love the utility they allowed Hybrid DPSers to do!
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#9EtherlightPosted 2/1/2013 8:47:35 PM(edited)
1. Disc
2. Paladin
3. Shaman/Monk/Holy Priests
4. Druids

Disc is OP and anyone who thinks otherwise probably only seen bad disc priests. Blizz over buffed them and they excel at many fights this tier because it consists primarily of predictable burst damage (which is what they excel at). Amazing mana regen, decent DPS and good utilities make it the overall best spec right now.

If Disc wasn't OP, Paladin could easily take that spot as #1. Great healing in both tank healing and clump AoE, EF is amazing on some fights and in 10m, and their utility is bonkers (Hand of Protection can cheese one or two mechanics in 5 of 6 fights in HoF). You can't go wrong with them and even when fights aren't in their favor in HPS, their utility makes them heavily wanted and just good for any fight.

Resto Shamans, Monks and Holy Priests I think are in a good place in terms of balance. Resto Shaman throughput has never been amazing but their raid utility is probably the best of all the healing classes. Monks bring absurd throughput, but suffer from limited utility and uncontrollable healing mechanics. Holy Priests have some mana issues and deal with the fact that Disc is a flat out better spec at the moment. Outside of that, they're still very good and pull some really nice reliable throughput.

Resto Druids are just in a bad spot at the moment. Their niche doesn't really work when Disc Priests are dominating and effectively making their HoTs overheal, and they have no reliable answer to burst in a tier emphasized on burst damage. Even then, Rejuv has an unforgivable cost and it's difficult to maintain that when most of their throughput comes from that spell. Blizz is trying to address some of these issues in the next patch though. They're not THAT bad though, despite the QQ from the WoW forums; they still can get the job done, but they definitely need some love from Blizz.
#10patsfan2312Posted 2/1/2013 9:02:55 PM
Disc Priest >>>>>>> everything else