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Why isn't Pandaria as frigid and arctic as Northrend?

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3 years ago#31
If you're gonna try to appropriate real world logic to a video game, you're gonna have a bad time...
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3 years ago#32
B1g_Clown posted...
tote_all posted...
From: B1g_Clown | #009
tote_all posted...
I'm not sure when did we learn Azeroth orbits around a star the same way the Earth does.

WoW and earth share a 24 hour day. So that alone makes it entirely possible.

I don't think you could have made a less intelligent, more inane post. Let's break it down!

First of all, I never said it was not possible. Hell, I never said I don't believe it, I merely asked for confirmation from official sources. Not only that, but even with confirmation of Azeroth orbiting a star, there could still be plenty of explanations of Pandaria not being the frigid mess Northrend is.

Then, you make a ridiculous comment about a 24 hour day means Azeroth could be orbiting a star? You are correct, Azeroth could, however, the length of even presence of a day/night pattern is not evidence in its favor whatsoever. Every other planet on our solar system has a different rotation period, and they orbit around a star too. How does your argument make sense considering that? Not to mention that day/night relies on a planet's rotation upon itself and being near a star, not it's orbit around one. Despite all planets sharing these two traits, to assume they do as well on a fantasy world that hasn't even been properly charted in its own fantasy setting, let alone placed properly in space, is a terrible argument.

Oh... figured you were being sarcastic in your first post I quoted.

Thanks for the long and unnecessary post tho lol.

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3 years ago#33
On some maps Alaska and Hawaii are shown right next to each other just off the coast of California... Yet they have very different climates. Off all the things to over analyze in the WoW universe, this is what you chose?
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3 years ago#34
For one, it is a fantasy game with odd climates that all seemed to be sealed off by mountains(there's a lot of mountain ranges in Azeroth, ya know...

That, and unless continents drifted to a great degree during the sundering, old Kalimdor could not have been pole to pole huge.
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3 years ago#35
Panda farts. Seriously. They eat a lot, they fart a lot, and they poop a lot, and there's a bunch of them all on one tiny island. The greenhouse gasses were sure to build up. It's just a wonder that Destruction warlocks and Fire mages don't blow the whole island up any time one sneezes.
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3 years ago#36
i should find the topic where somebody calculated how big azeroth was and its gravity based off the atlas in ulduar
3 years ago#37
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3 years ago#38
From: MegaSlush | #037

This. Anything else is
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3 years ago#39
Robotix posted...
The Titans did it.

This is pretty much the legit answer
same reason why zones that are right next to each other are so drastically different and there are so many mountain ranges separating them
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3 years ago#40
Been on TV Tropes since I ran across that link.

Thanks a lot.
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