Leveling fast in Outlands?

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4 years ago#1
Just started up a rogue this weekend (Saturday morning). He is full heirlooms, I just made the move to Outlands each level is taking about 30-35 minutes since i started questing. For all the speed levelers out there am i making good time?
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4 years ago#2
I would do random dungeons for bonus experience, but only if the options are dungeons you've never done. that way you get the bonus exp, PLUS all the experience from the quests for that dungeon. don't do the same dungeon more than once.

if they list dungeons you've already done, then individually select high-level (yellow or orange colored) dungeons you've yet to do.. I find doing all the dungeons once yields some good and very easy experience.. I got through outland in a day like that with a few characters. in between that you can do quests that are all centered in the same area.

I never bother with hellfire anymore because it's too populated on my server with crz anyway.. I don't hit outlands till 60, so no point in really going there to boot.
4 years ago#3
58 > 60: Blasted Lands. More xp than HFP
60 > 62: Hellfire dungeons + their quests
62 > 65: Zangarmarsh +Terrokar dungeons and their quests
65 > almost 66: Ring of Blood
66 > 68: Whatever dungeons next on the lists

This way you will do most of the dungeons once- maximum twice and only few of them you will hit twice with full heirlooms + guild xp.

I do above and these 10 levels take me 6 hours /played. Outland (60+) is the only bracket I skip with dungeons; otherwise quests are ALWAYS faster in the other brackets.
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4 years ago#4
good advice above.. depending on your server, blasted lands might not be a good idea though (mine, for example, is filled with 90s constantly scouting to kill each faction).

however, at 58, you can queue for the first Outland dungeon.. so you can do that and you'll get a crazy amount of XP, plus a few item upgrades hopefully not in your heirloom slots.
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