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just got my fury warrior alt to pandaria. absolutely wrecking face.

#1pres_madagascarPosted 2/4/2013 8:59:48 AM
Like, more than my dk did at this point. I did the same thing too, went to jinyu village and bought a 372 set of gear right away as soon as I started questing in jade. Gave me 21% crit.

I can pull groups as big as my dk did and kill them significantly faster. Dragon roar, whirlwind proccing meat cleaver, victory rush heals when an enemy drops, ive not even needed to have second wind pop yet O_o.

This is the fifth character ive quested in jade forest with and its doing far better than all of them did except my hunter.
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#2ChuckN73Posted 2/4/2013 9:03:19 AM
More importantly, it sounds like you're having a lot of fun.
#3pres_madagascar(Topic Creator)Posted 2/4/2013 9:17:51 AM
ChuckN73 posted...
More importantly, it sounds like you're having a lot of fun.

I am. Fury warr seems to click with me better. Except hunter. For some reason the classes where I have a lot of buttons to push but can be remembered in sequence I do better with than the more simple rotstion classes. I know fury has a simple rotation but you have several cds to pop like rvery fight on top of your rotation. As well as situational stuff.
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#4NitroRatPosted 2/4/2013 9:20:34 AM
I love the feeling of just owning while questing. No need to struggle on pulls; pulling more than one mob at once and downing them with ease; and minimum downtime. Leveling my monk as a brewmaster felt like that in Pandaria.

I'm hoping my rogue will be the same.
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#5ChuckN73Posted 2/4/2013 9:32:41 AM
While Mage is my personal favourite overall, I'd say Warrior is my favourite class to level. Mine gets forgotten often for months and years at a time, but when I do dig him out it's always a blast. Glad it fits your style, hope that continues for you.
#6angrywalrus13Posted 2/4/2013 9:36:04 AM
I've never enjoyed my Warrior at max level, but damn leveling as them is fun. When I decided to level a Hordelet for the first time, I just made a second Warrior. >_>
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#7pres_madagascar(Topic Creator)Posted 2/4/2013 10:19:43 AM
Dk is still easier to solo as blood dks are nearly invincible solo. Oh and im sure ill like this warrior at 90. Ive done loads of dungeons already and I love it. Im more consistently top dps with the warrior than I am with anything else but the hunter alt.

I have:

90 dk
90 shadow priest
87 hunter
87 kitty druid
86 warlock
85 warrior
74 mage
65 monk
40 enh shaman
30 ass rogue

I'd say for me so far in order of fun-ness: warrior=hunter> shadow priest=dk> the rest.

I think I enjoy martial classes more than magical classes.

I used to like my hunter more when you had to take care of your pets(am I the only one who feels this way?). Now you just spam mend pet and never fail anything ever. Its still a fun class to play though because of the still fun pet hunting meta game.
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#8Abyssmal FiendPosted 2/4/2013 10:36:41 AM
Hunter has always been a pretty brainless class to play. It's gotten progressively more brainless. First they axed the deadzone (which was pretty much the only way to reliably beat a comparably geared hunter if you were a caster), then they buffed non-BM pets, then they removed the pet upkeep stuff (including levels), then they tweaked MD, then they removed melee and simply let you shoot stuff point blank with no minimum range. Somewhere along the line they made it so you could move while 'casting' the timed shots. And mana went the way of the dodo at some point.

I find the class to be incredibly boring. There's just no challenge to be had while leveling. Single target's laughable because it's almost impossible to pull off your pet (and if you do, MD it) and what multi target you do have can be made semi-viable by MDing a multishot. You've got binding shot (or whatever) to stun mobs when they move away from your pet, too.

Hunter's the kind of class you want to play if you're going to lead raids. You can pretty much put it on autopilot. That's not necessarily a bad thing, either; I played "bind every key to shadowbolt" warlock when I led raids in BC. It has some serious perks, but I wouldn't ever call it 'fun.'

Except finding new pets. That is kind of fun.
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#9pres_madagascar(Topic Creator)Posted 2/4/2013 10:49:05 AM
Thats rhe the main thing I like about hunter lol. Finding pets. 5.2. Gives triceratops pets that require attunement to tame.

Warrior has a lot of involvement and buttons to press which makes it feel more fun.
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#10angrywalrus13Posted 2/4/2013 11:08:09 AM
Hunter is my favorite class just with how much you can do with it. If you feel like you're on auto-pilot while leveling, stop taking down one mob at a time.

They've just gotten more fun for me, but I don't feel inclined to go into it on this horrible phone. Expect me to gush about it in a few hours when I get home. <.<
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