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Gilneas was awesome, too bad the rest of Cataclysm was trash

#31MarikhenPosted 2/18/2013 2:42:09 AM
From: ShadowEdgeX | #026
Cata's main failing was how horribly slow they were releasing content.

I rank the whole thing where Blizzard's total focus on end-game balancing made sub-cap content laughably easy because of the changes 4.0+ made. I had a warrior at around level 25'ish going into Cataclysm and she went from "Wow, this is kind of annoying" to "Wow, I can solo whole freaking dungeons!" My shaman was pretty much in the same boat with my rogue and priest nearly there as well. I mean it's really bad when a healer class/build can solo elite mobs in appropriately-leveled 5-mans with little danger if they don't over-pull.

Chalk it up to personal preference, but I prefer balanced content to more content. /shrugs.
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