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can someone scroll of rez me?

#1llf0CuSllPosted 2/10/2013 1:20:46 AM
I want to try the MoP expansion =P
#2llf0CuSll(Topic Creator)Posted 2/10/2013 1:21:17 AM
#3JalsimurPosted 2/10/2013 1:28:35 AM
#4JalsimurPosted 2/10/2013 1:31:25 AM
fyi, they are usually sent in hourly batches, so you may not get it right away
#5llf0CuSll(Topic Creator)Posted 2/10/2013 1:35:13 AM
Thank you so much buddy!
#6llf0CuSll(Topic Creator)Posted 2/10/2013 1:41:38 AM
Wait so I will be able to choose a character to level 80? O_o, sorry been gone a long while.
#7llf0CuSll(Topic Creator)Posted 2/10/2013 2:03:34 AM
Wow, I hate you blizzard... My account has been inactive for 8 months... but if it was only 1 more month I would be eligible.. .what kind of crap is this.. it should be 6 months.. sorry for the trouble