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Why are some fights so hard for some people to do?

#11Kanus_oq_SerunaPosted 2/10/2013 10:37:06 PM
From: Little Zardar | #005
because the majority of this playerbase doesn't give a rat's ass about improving at the game. the "it's just a game" mentally prevents them from wanting to learn and overcome obstacles, they'd rather just give up or complain about it until it gets nerfed, or wait till they can significantly outgear it and just throw numbers at it.

"It's just a game" falls flat when you are actually aiming for achieves. This is what some don't get.
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#12burkhardt5Posted 2/11/2013 8:18:15 AM
It sounds to me that not everyone in your group were pulling their weight. If your group is not working well as a team then it is bound to fail in questing.