looking for a new mouse for WoW

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User Info: zodiacsoul

4 years ago#11
i would suggest you go with something from logitech then, while razer stuff are also good i find them "dying" more often then i like, my razer mouses started double clicking and my razer nostromo has alot of software issues and a few of the buttons are getting non responsive, logitech stuff are alot more reliable. Like most of the people on this board said get the g600

User Info: schmarkenheimer

4 years ago#12
G500 owner, solid mouse.
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User Info: BushidoMusashi

4 years ago#13
I actually own and use the Steelseries WoW cataclysm mouse and it is great once you get used to the location of all 13 buttons. Wouldn't recommend it for a lefty though because it's pretty distinctly shaped for a righty.
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User Info: Bortacus

4 years ago#14
Another vote for Logitech

User Info: ShadowEdgeX

4 years ago#15
Glockass1 posted...
zodiacsoul posted...
The best Wow mouse imo is either the razer naga or the knock off Logitech one, but you are left handed so it might be a little harder, i dont think they offer those two mouse left handed yet.

The naga is awful to the G600. I have tried both and the G600 is superior in every way.

I can confirm this as well. I had a Naga before, and now have a G600 and love it.
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