How to get started in PvP AFTER 5.2 comes around?

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3 years ago#1
Hello everybody.

I've recently started playing again. I literally DON'T understand how any of the progression of the game works at end game.

That being said, I will probably reach 90 a short time after 5.2 breaks, in early-to-mid March. With the new changes (which I've tried my best to understand--to no avail) go live, what are my best options for gearing for PvP?

I will probably do dungeons/LFR on the side, but my primary focus will be PvP. I know Warriors are a hard class to gear correctly, and I want to make sure all my bases are covered before I start PvPing so that I can do things correctly.

What gear do I pursue first and foremost? When do I enchant/jewel my gear? Do I focus on BGs or Arenas (I prefer the former)? How do I get into world boss raids to get gear? As a blacksmith, how do I capitalize on the belt-socket increase and what gear should I build for? How do I get the recipes for that gear?

I have so many questions and no way of knowing how to answer them.


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3 years ago#2
Kill other people
3 years ago#3
Thanks for the help....
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3 years ago#4
All of it;Immediately;Both;LFG blah blah blah;Socket belt, add gem;Vendors
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3 years ago#5
Okay. Well, that still isn't enough detail to get me started. Oh well.

How does the reward system work now? Honor, Conquest, etc.
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3 years ago#6
Farm bgs for honor.
Kill Sha/5.2boss for chance at drops
get whatever weapon to hold you over.
Fill out your pvp gear weapon>then 4pc then whatever. once in full honor gear do arena or rbgs.
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3 years ago#7
PVP has a fairly straightforward gearing system, really all you do is rack up Conquest to cap every week and kill the world boss every week. That'll get you geared as fast as possible. Virtually everything gives Conquest, though in varying amounts. Most players seem to just do Arena for an hour or two after the weekly reset and hit cap that way.

Honor is a lesser form of currency, but it has no cap. So fill in the gaps between Conquest gear with Honor gear until you're in full Conquest.

World bosses are simple, for now at least (it's said that one of the upcoming world bosses will be way overtuned and is intended for heroic raiders). People will generally shout in /2 when they're setting a group up, and you can just pipe up and say you want in.

Might be helpful.
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