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Curious about opinions on FUN factor: Frost DK, Arms or Fury Warrior ?

#1superhoffyPosted 2/16/2013 5:32:23 PM
I don't care about DPS numbers,
I would like to hear opinions on FUN factor from people who play both classes:
Frost DK, Arms or Fury Warrior
I know fun is subjective... I'd like to hear yours
#2YhiPosted 2/16/2013 5:33:35 PM
guessing pve cuz dps

fury is more fun than arms, unholy is more fun than frost, and it isn't even remotely subjective
#3frickinajPosted 2/16/2013 7:53:15 PM
^ lol, fun isn't subjective
#4steveoSEKPosted 2/23/2013 2:15:29 PM
#5LatiasSAPosted 2/23/2013 2:39:01 PM
frost dk
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