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my monk tank

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3 years ago#1
ok, so imma pretty good monk tank in dungeons and what not, but now i want to try raids.
i'll use lfr before i go normal just for practice and stuff, but problem is, even though ive been in lfr 100s of times it was always as dps.
and going to youtube, its hard to find anything to help me or advise me monk wise. plenty of blood dk though lol

so i come here looking for advice. anything i should know or do for certain fights?
thanks in advance.
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3 years ago#2
You can look over these videos..

Its how to tank LFR for dummies and they seem fairly well done. I think its from a blood DK perspective but he doesnt really talk about DK abilities, rather he talks about the fight mechanics and how to deal with them. I feel it can be applied to any tank. If he says something like "pop icebound fortitude" or something then you can always relate that to whatever tank you are playing because in essence most of them have similiar cooldowns.
3 years ago#3
cool thx much
Are you ready to live?

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