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Time to start achievement grinding..

#1BxR_OverlordPosted 2/18/2013 12:48:13 PM
So I never cared about achievements until now. I can't really raid for a few months, so Im going to grind out some achievements now. The only achievements I ever really bothered with were dungeon/raid achieves so, what I'm asking is:

Where do I start? There are so many, I don't really know where to begin. I want to be efficient obviously, so tips are appreciated.

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thannks in advance
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#2GForceDragonPosted 2/18/2013 12:56:02 PM
Wowhead is your greatest ally. Particularly the comments section, as users frequently share tips, tricks, and even direct co-ordinates/instructions on how to collect most achievements/items. Just open up your achievements tab in game, think "hmm, I bet I could do this", and hop over.

If you're taking random suggestions, do the pandaren lore reading ones that get you exalted with the lorewalkers so you can buy a red flying cloud. They look cool.
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#3CapnCrunch1Posted 2/18/2013 1:28:30 PM
Start getting your world events done. If you don't have all the valentine's achievements, go get them now. It takes a year to get all of the world event achievements and you get a violet proto drake after all of them are completed.

Good luck in your achievements hunts btw.
#4jlc992Posted 2/18/2013 2:27:34 PM
Addon Over Achiever. helps out. It gives a icon on food, critters and other things you need to make, pet. and anything else you need to do.
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#5ryanell666Posted 2/18/2013 3:32:12 PM
Usually exploring, farming and profession leveling gives you a good start to acheivements.

You can solo most of the Vanilla, and TBC content.

WLK, CAT and MoP content might be a little tougher since some achieves require more than two people, and more co-ordination.

PVP acheives are more about the big grind, and luck (unless you are part of a well-organized PvP guild that like to win BGs any which way they want to).

Holiday achieves are more simpler than what they were least you don't have to collect halloween masks anymore....but dedicate yourself on one day (maybe two) of said holiday week and you'll get it easy.