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Just Hit 90, Need Help

#1TrashyDaddyPosted 2/18/2013 1:48:42 PM
So I've only recently come back to WoW and never seriously PvP'd. Can someone please answer a few questions for me?

I saved up 4000 honor points. I see that the PvP items I can buy all state Season 12. If I'm not mistaken it will become season 13 when 5.2 hits, is that right? So, should I hold off on buying armor pieces because I won't be able to grind up enough for a full set of Dreadful before it hits?

Also, items do people suggest to buy first? Trinkets? Armor? Rings and capes? I have a full set of Conquest gear made with leatherworking in the bank.

Not sure if it's important but I play a rogue. Thanks for the help.
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